Certifications and Approvals

Neoperl NEOPERL is a world leading provider of flow control technology, which is integrated into DueGi’s products design to enable optimum flow control with efficient water and energy saving features.
Neoperl The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, promote and enforce the prevention of waste and undue consumption or misuse of water. DueGi products complies with the Water Supply Regulations, wich also aims to protect the public health by preventing contamination.
Neoperl DueGi products meet customers and regulatory requirements by adapting to the environmental changes. Allowing customers to constantly receive high quality products and services.
Neoperl DueGi products are tested prior to export and are in compliance with the approved Technical Regulations and / or standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Neoperl DueGi bathroom and kitchen products have obtained the EQM certificate for achieving and adhering to the efficient water controlling regulations. The certificate also validate that our organisation implements a high standard management system along with our products.