faq-Category: General

My mixer drips even after I turn it of, what do I do?

A If you have noticed that your tap drips, it is time to romove the cartride inside the tap. Generally all the details on how to remove your old cartridge and replace it with a new one, are explained in the maintenace instructions of your product. Little drips from your tap are usually caused by a blockage between the ceramic discs of the internal cartridge.

Why do I have a poor flow in my mixer?

A Before you purchase any DueGi products it is advisable to check the pressure supplying in your property because not all products are suitable for all installations. You should also perform a maintenance to the cartridge to remove any potential blockage.

How do I clean my tap?

A You don’t need any particular product to clean a tap; all you need is a soft cloth and warm soapy water. We advise you not to use any bathroom cleaner products, which may cause damage to the chrome plating.

Why is my Shower Head always dripping?

A If your shower head is dripping, it means that there is an issue with the valve. If the water leaking from the shower head is warm, then the leak is coming from the hot-water valve and if the water it is cold, the leak is coming from the cold-water valve. In both scenarios, it is advised to replace your shower faucet valve.

What shall I do when my shower head starts to Limescale?

A In the UK, Limescale is a very commun issue and in order to remove it from our shower head we advise to soak a cloth in a mix of warm water and vinegar, and clean the limescale from the nozzles of the showerhead. Once removed, clean all over with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

How can I select the right mixer for my water pressure?

A The majority of DueGi products are compatible with most products. However, some high pressure products can only work with high pressure systems. DueGi Products datasheets provide all the information required about each product water pressure. Contact us for more information.