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How to choose the right tap for your bathroom?

bathroom tap

When you are working on your bathroom design or when you are updating your taps or mixers, you should first check your water pressure.
The water pressure will determine which taps or mixers are possible to fit with your plumbing system.

DueGi bathroom taps are available in single lever to facilitate the control of the hot and cold water but they are also available in two handles to allow adjustment of the flow of hot and cold water.

Another important feature to consider before you purchase a tap is the spout size because the tap needs to project the water from over the basin to allow you to wash your hands comfortably.
DueGi taps are available in various sizes to make your washing experience pleasant.

You should also ask yourself if you prefer a deck or a wall mounted basin mixer?
Wall mounted taps are used above a basin and gives you the possibility to clean your bathroom quicker.
DueGi offers both wall and deck mounted basin mixers to suit any bathroom design.