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Upgrade your bathroom with a shower column

installed shower column with shower handle

We have various reasons to take a shower; keep a healthy hygiene,to smell good, start the day fresh or simply wash away a stressful day at work.

Whatever the reason, we should rely on our showering experience to make us feel better and with DueGi you will find the right showering solution to adapt to your personal needs.

If you are looking to update your bathroom and need some ideas on the type of showers to use, DueGi has the right selection for you to pick.

DueGi offers the following options:

Hand-held shower: They hold multiple advantages over traditional fixed shower heads and they can be used in the bath or over the bath. Also if installed high enough you will be able to remain hand free while you shower. When it comes to cleaning the bath, a hand-held shower can be very useful by simply aiming the flow of the water to where you need to rinse.

DueGi hand-held showers are incorporated in our shower columns.

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Shower rail : Not only they are easy to fit but they also provide a flexible showering experience that can be tailored to meet your needs by adjusting the height of the shower.

DueGi shower rail range is available in round or square shape and is offered with a soap dish for you to have what you need handy.

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Shower Column: Not only they can be easily removed or attached to any regular water supply in your bathroom but they also come in various shapes and thickness. DueGi shower columns have everything you need in one single piece.

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