Company History

DueGi was found in 1991 and started manufacturing its products with the Italian design and quality in mind, covering the Saudi Arabia territory. During that time DueGi products have gone through an important development to propose innovative, unique, beautiful, functional solutions attentive to the environment and to provide the right respond to the market requirements . Over the years, DueGi has become a landmark for the sanitary taps including but not limited to mixers, showers and accessories.

Following the launch into the Saudia Arabia territory , DueGi products were introduced to Pakistan, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates markets, ensuring that every customers’ requirement and demand was fulfilled by working closely with the Italian designers and the production team.

This expansion has allowed DueGi to move from the manufacturing of bathroom products to showers and kitchens products Today, DueGi’s products are also used within the European market, allowing the company to grow and expand in harmony.

  • 1991 : Founded
  • 2001 : Experience YOY growth
  • 2006 : Product range expansion
  • 2015 : Expanding market territory
  • 2018 : Growth and expansion in Europe